Green Screen Photo Booth

What is a green screen photo booth? Will a green screen photo booth be a good fit for my event? These are great questions! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, let’s talk about green screen. “Green Screen” refers to the color of the backdrop used and the technology “chroma key removal” is being performed to replace the green area of the screen with a new image or video. This is much like what the weather person uses on the news to stand in front of the moving maps. This is also what movie studios use to make special effects like Superman flying over mountains.

Greenscreen Sample
This LLama-Masked cool guy can be anywhere with the use of green screen.

Using our Green Screen Photo Booth is a lot of fun! The background image that replaces the green screen can be absolutely anything. Just think of the possibilities. Perhaps you’re having a baseball themed event and you’d like your guests to have souvenir photos in front of Wrigley Field, not a problem, we can do that. Guests can cycle through several background images that you have chosen to pick the one they’d like to take a picture in. When guests use our photo booth, they’ll be able to see themselves on the photo booth screen in the background image they have chosen. This a really cool feature, but most importantly it really helps for striking that perfect pose.

Green screen technology can also be used with our GIF booths. Boomerangs and videos will have a truly unique effect that your guests or customers will be sure to socialize online.

Are you a brand or agency? Using the most creative options available to you such as green screen will ensure your customers socialize the generated media.

Consider our green screen photo booth for your next event. Book a Bot!
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